Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Teen Challenge another Leader Exposed

His name is Robert Whachs, Robert was the Executive director of Orange County Teen Challenge of Southern California District.

Robert was one of the most arrogant men I have ever known yet he had a nice side to him, He had a way about him he could speak well, was very good at getting rich people to trust him and he was a Fraud all the while.

Robert use to love to play with his 357 Magnum while he was coked out of his mind, Robert was also a thief he loved to spend the ministries money on him and his wife. Robert was finally exposed but not before he damaged many of the men that looked to him that trusted him. Teen Challenge let him go when they knew they had no choice but to fire him, this guy was a favorite he got away with many things before he was fired. Last I heard he was driving a Truck. He went back into Teen Challenge in Shafter Kern County California. But I guess Teen Challenge did not want to restore him to tell you the truth I would not have let him have his Job back either, but this is not so with everyone that falls thats a leader in Teen Challenge.

I have dozens of other leaders I'm going to name on this blog who have been a total FRAUD.

I give you these men for now. Check back soon for more information.

If your reading this from Teen Challenge and wounder if your name is gonna be next well I'm saving the more recent names for later.

Teen Challenge a leader exposed

Many of the leaders in Teen Challenge have made major mistakes that hurt many people. One Leader's name is Angel Rosa.

Angel Rosa was the Executive Director of the Phoenix Arizona Teen Challenge Center, Angel also had built a Church from the ground up he would berate the staff saying if they did not tithe that he would fire them.

Pastor Angel Rosa where is he today? Last I heard he was working in a department store. You see Angel left his wife, his kids, his ministry, his church, for Drugs and a much younger girl and I mean girl not woman a young girl.

Many of the staff were using drugs at that center for their sake i will omit their names, but it all boils down to leadership. If the Leadership is corrupt then the whole organization suffers and the ones that suffer the most are those that were in the program when this tragedy took place.

On Angels behalf I will say that I never had a problem with Angel I liked Angel thought he was a great guy. I was crushed when I heard of his poor choices, I hope Angel is doing good living good anyway he wants.

When you chose leadership you deserve to be exposed for the fraud and brought into the light to be seen by all. Teen Challenge is trusted by many people and when that trust is violated it must be exposed.

Teen Challenge uncovered

This blog is going to expose some very nasty truths about Teen Challenge, If you want to know what Teen Challenge is, Google it . I will be blowing the whistle on this organization. I know this information from the inside, I am not some disgruntle former student, I am someone very concerned who has some very interesting facts, facts that won't be told to you by Teen Challenge.

I hope if your thinking about sending or referring some one to Teen Challenge you will first consider some of the truths I'm going to post. I will Name Names and I wont Lie to you. Everything I post is 100 percent true.

Beware of the worlds largest most successful fraud in the Jesus Business, Teen Challenge needs to be held accountable they are running peoples lives and the very ones that they are hurting the most for the majority of them don't realize this until its to late.

For Starters

Lets take a look at there logo view it here upper left corner its called the Star man logo ,Starman, het internationale logo van de Teen Challenge bediening

This logo looks like a pentagram it has the light shining in the background and the star man is standing over a curved colored bar going from red to yellow, this symbol this logo looks more like a Luciferian logo than a Christian one. Lucifer is the bringer of light the bright shining star, Lucifer is the quintessential star man if there ever was one.

Why would a organization like Teen Challenge have this logo? Why have something that appears to be representing Lucifer when you call yourself a Christ centered program? Are we not suppose to flee the very appearance of evil as Christian servants of Jesus Christ?

I want to lay a foundation before i start revealing the truth about this organization.


President Bush Endorses Teen Challenge Need I say more.

What in the world is Teen Challenge thinking having this man George Bush represent this Christ Centered organization? President Bush used Teen Challenge to get votes like he used all the fundamental mega organizations to get his father elected he used them to get himself elected. George Bush the Liar the
deceiver, the one that turned his back on the truth a long time ago this man is representing a Christ Centered Program like teen Challenge look at his comments here.

Bush about Teen Challenge



Dennis Griffith, Executive Director of Teen Challenge of Southern California, has been appointed by President George W. Bush to the Advisory Commission on Drug-Free Community Programs in the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. The eleven-member Commission advises the President through John Walters, the Director of National Drug Control Policy, on matters related to the prevention and treatment of substance abuse among youth. Dennis states, "I made serious mistakes earlier in my own life. I got an opportunity to change and become a productive citizen. Not many youth are so fortunate. I've dedicated my life to help children and youth reach their potential in life and avoid those same mistakes I made."

"I deeply appreciate and I am honored by the President's appointment, "Dennis says. "This is a wonderful opportunity for me to serve in a way that is vital to our country's future and contribute to the nation which gave me a second chance." Dennis Griffith has served Teen Challenge of Southern California for over 25 years.