Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Teen Challenge another Leader Exposed

His name is Robert Whachs, Robert was the Executive director of Orange County Teen Challenge of Southern California District.

Robert was one of the most arrogant men I have ever known yet he had a nice side to him, He had a way about him he could speak well, was very good at getting rich people to trust him and he was a Fraud all the while.

Robert use to love to play with his 357 Magnum while he was coked out of his mind, Robert was also a thief he loved to spend the ministries money on him and his wife. Robert was finally exposed but not before he damaged many of the men that looked to him that trusted him. Teen Challenge let him go when they knew they had no choice but to fire him, this guy was a favorite he got away with many things before he was fired. Last I heard he was driving a Truck. He went back into Teen Challenge in Shafter Kern County California. But I guess Teen Challenge did not want to restore him to tell you the truth I would not have let him have his Job back either, but this is not so with everyone that falls thats a leader in Teen Challenge.

I have dozens of other leaders I'm going to name on this blog who have been a total FRAUD.

I give you these men for now. Check back soon for more information.

If your reading this from Teen Challenge and wounder if your name is gonna be next well I'm saving the more recent names for later.

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